Greetings from the Representative DirectorSeptember 2013

The next two years will be the crucial test
For supporting the psychological care of children

Representative Director
Miho Takahira

  Thank you for supporting our activities. Owing to your generous support we were able to continue widening the scope of our activities focused on the disaster-hit areas in our second year after our establishment. If you are active in the Tohoku region, you would have noticed a marked decline in the number of NPOs and other organisations since about one-and-a-half years after the disaster struck. There are more than a few cases where activities and funds from these organisations have ended, despite being needed by local people. We have frequently faced the fact that nothing can be done with just willpower and passion, and it is said that the next two years will be very important for the children’s mental health . This will be the crucial test. We will be operating with a greater determination, so we ask for your continued support. September 2013 Miho Takahira, Representative Director

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   July 2012 

Purpose of establishment

We listen to what people in weak social positions have to say, search for clues to solutions from various angles, formulate specific solutions, and implement them to create a just and fair society where everyone can be themselves and live with a sense of security. We aim to be a bridge between people in need of support and people who want to provide support, and seek to restore the disaster-hit areas ? and all of Japan ? to robust health and happiness again.


Name General Incorporated Association Shakai Oen Network
Representative Director Miho Takahira
Address 1-12-11-3407, Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0013
Phone 03-6861-3739
FAX 03-5645-2844
Established Established on 20 June, 2011
Objective The objectives of the corporation shall be to provide support for rebuilding areas damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake, and to reinvigorate local communities and the whole of Japan by serving as a bridge between people, communities, and organisations. To which end, the corporation shall carry on the following activities.
1. Editing, production, issuing, and distribution of community support newsletters.
2. Drafting, planning, and operation of events.
3. All activities incidental or related to the foregoing.
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