Community magazine EDUPONT - publication started

 We have started publication of EDUPONT, a community magazine to support the young people who will support education in the future. It will be distributed to all education universities, and all universities having an education department, starting with Tokyo Gakugei University, Hyogo University of Teacher Education, and Osaka Kyoiku University. The name EDUPONT comes from the English word “education”, and the French word “pont”, meaning bridge, and the magazine aims to serve as a bridge between education and society, as well as university students and classrooms by conveying information about classrooms and education to university students. Editing is done with a “participation” system - by creating a special“student correspondent” system, allowing university students to prepare interview reports, and by giving students the opportunity to talk to alumni and students from other universities. We hope that, by creating media, we will be able to develop a network of students wanting to become teachers. We also hope to provide a place for useful information and opportunities for students where they can turn their ambitions into action. By offering more points of contact between society and young people who will be the providers of education in the future, we aim to construct a scheme that allows the entire society to ponder on the future of education.

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Pictures in the magazine

Page 3:
Education relay column,
Tatsuru Uchida
Pages 18-19:
Campus shots
Page 17:
Interview with cover person,
Karen Miyazaki
Pages 20-21:
School as work


All the pages of EDUPONT can be downloaded as pdf files.